Ad Quality Policy

Creative – Creative refers to ad units, landing pages, or any other content related to or used in connection with the serving of ads using the Services.

IngeniousPlex offers an ingenious platform that enables advertisers to get in front of their desired audiences, engage with them and create a brand recognition by leveraging a large pool of quality publishers & affiliates. To ensure this, we conduct high-level and stringent internal quality checks at every level.

To comply with the various Ad regulation of the digital advertising ecosystem and to provide a conducive environment, we have laid out a list of categories which are prohibited from use in the media Creative.

Category Description and Examples
Autoplay Audio Any creative that automatically plays audio without the user’s explicit action or engagement.
Auto Redirect From Creative Any creative that automatically redirects a user to other websites or applications without the user’s explicit engagement or action.
Deceptive or Misleading Creative Any creative that attempts to deceive or mislead a user into taking some action (e.g. asks to “click” on a creative that looks like or has user interface element containing displays like warnings about viruses, corrupt disks, etc.) or markets false or unrealistic promises such as extreme height growth, mind control, etc.
Depicting Defamation Any creative that depicts, contains, or provides access to material that is damaging to the reputation of another.
Depicting Pornography Any creative that depicts, contains or provides access to pornography, nudity, obscenity, and other adult material.
File Auto Download Any creative that contains or provides access to any files that execute or download software without intentional user interaction. Clicking on an ad must also not initiate download of any type of file.
Fraud Ads Any creative associated with any fraudulent activity, including but not limited to cookie stuffing, domain spoofing, hidden ads, tag hijacking, generating fake impressions or clicks, misrepresenting advertiser characteristics (such as the landing page URL etc.), reselling of ads under false pretenses, (e.g., misrepresenting the publisher or the type of ad unit), etc.
Improper Charging For Government Forms or Services Any creative that depicts, contains, or provides access to offers that charge for government forms or services that are available for a lesser charge or free from the government.
Implied Information Any creative that implies knowledge of personally identifiable information or any of the following sensitive characteristics about the user to whom the Ad was targeted:
  • Adult activities (Gambling, Adult Dating, Alcohol etc.)
  • Divorce or martial separation status
  • Medical information
  • Financial status and situation
  • Political association
  • Location - Current and History
  • Racial and ethnic information
  • Religious beliefs
  • Sexual orientation
  • Status as a "Child" defined under the age defined in that jurisdiction.
  • Membership or affiliation with any Trade Union
Interference with User Navigation Any creative that hampers the user’s ability to navigate the site and preventing them from leaving a page by opening up dialog box or pop-up windows.
Interferes with Another Party’s Content Any creative that modifies, conceals or substitute another party’s ads or content.
Incorrect Or Invalid Classification
  • Any creative that is incorrectly classified with respect to its characteristics, including:
  • Incorrect classification of Creative that cycles through multiple advertisers
  • Incorrect classification of Creative running in-banner video (e.g. video ads running in standard display units)
  • Incorrect classification of a Creative’s landing page URL
  • Incorrect classification of a Creative that auto-plays (i.e. a creative that initiates video play without the user’s explicit engagement or action)
  • Incorrect classification of a Creative action, such as expandable or pop-up action
  • Incorrect classification of a Creative descriptions, such as the advertiser vertical, language, etc.
Load Delays Any creative taking more than two seconds for user ad experience to initiate.
Lost Video Impressions Any Video creatives where the auction is won but the impression is not served or the creative does not load because the VAST is blank or the ad server opts out after winning the impression.
Malware Content Any creative that contains, has links to, or installs any malware, Trojan horse, virus, or any other malicious code.
Morally Offensive Any creative that is, or that IngeniousPlex reasonably believes is, morally or evidently offensive.
Non Compliance With Local Laws Any creative that is, or that IngeniousPlex reasonably believes is, likely to be in violation of any applicable law, regulation or court order.
Phishing Any creative which is designed to obtain information from a user under false pretenses.
Piracy Policy Any creative that contains content that does, or is likely to, infringe or misappropriate a copyright, trademark, trade secret, or patent of a third party or promotes or induces infringement or misappropriation of a copyright, trademark, trade secret, or patent of a third party.
Promoting Hate Speech Any creative that contains content that instigates violence or action towards an individual or groups or content that criticizes or intimidates an individual or group.
Promoting Illegal Consumables Any creative featuring or promoting the sale of illegal drugs, drug equipment or pharmaceuticals.
Promoting Reselling Any creative involved in any transaction in which the buyer of an impression triggers a subsequent external auction or creative where the original restrictions and constraints of the seller/publisher are not respected (e.g., buying a display creative and reselling as video creative).
Promoting Violence Any creative that depicts, contains, or provides access to violent content or content that glorifies human suffering, death, self-harm, violence against animals, or contains graphic or violent images.
Promoting Weapons Any creative that features the sale of, or instructions to create, bombs, guns, firearms, ammunition or other weapons.

To provide a fully complied Ad serving platform, IngeniousPlex has partnered with GeoEdge.

About GeoEdge: GeoEdge is the premier provider of ad verification and transparency solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. The company ensures high ad quality and verifies that sites and apps offer a clean, safe, and engaging user experience. GeoEdge guards against non-compliance, malware, inappropriate content, data leakage, operational and performance issues.