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Advertising Solutions

Branding Ads

Brand advertising establishes connections and thereby strengthens the relationships with clients. Ideally, branding ads foster long-term recognition, provides identity to the brand, and builds trust with prospects.

Features of branding ads:

Builds credibility
Strengthens trust
Enhances bond with prospects
Boosts brand awareness
Branding Ads
Location-Based Ads

Location-based Ads

Location-based advertising is sending out targeted messages to the targeted audience. It is highly used to boost in-store traffic by sending out relevant offers to the audience present in a specific geographical area.

Features of location-based ads:


Helps connect with more audience


Timely and targeted

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads approach prospects who showed some initial interest in your product or service but did not get converted at the end of their journey. Rather than starting from scratch, retargeting aims at attracting customers who’re more likely to convert.

Features of retargeting ads:

Boosts visibility
Attracts interested prospects
Encourages purchase intent
Acquire better insights
Retargeting Ads

Audience Extension

Audience Extension is a technology that lets you target prospects appearing on the publisher’s website potentially anywhere on the web. Meaning, beyond the publisher’s webpage, you get access to their journey which unfolds other web pages they visit occasionally, hence target them there.

Reduces banner blindness

Induces purchase intent

Helps to understand the user journey

Ideal for brand retention

Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural marketing essentially means formulating an advertising strategy that is aimed at targeting people belonging to different cultures. It resonates with audiences from different spheres and connects with them in a better way.

Features of multicultural marketing:

  • Wider audience reach
  • Better communication
  • Develops emotional connection with prospects
  • Better brand positioning

App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is the process of interacting with the prospects from the time they first landed on your website to the moment they converted and became your loyal customers. Mobile app marketing is highly effective in engaging with consumers about updates, offers, etc.

Features of mobile app marketing:

  • Enhances customer engagement
  • Provides value to the user
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Better visibility

PMP Deals

PMP Deals

PMP deals are more of invite-only auctions that take place between select and premium publishers and advertisers. These deals are negotiated directly between the advertisers and publishers. PMP deals are best for advertisers who want to choose their ad spaces themselves.

Features of PMP deals:


Privately held

Increased transparency
Premium ad inventories
Invite-only auctions