Cookie Policy

IngeniousPlex collects and uses data to help make online advertising more relevant and for ad delivery and reporting purposes. This plays an important role in keeping content on the Internet and within mobile apps largely free, dynamic and vibrant by improving the relevancy of advertisements displayed throughout the Internet. This Cookie and Other Similar Technologies Policy describes the different ways in which IngeniousPlex makes use of cookies that may be applied by the technology platform (the “Platform”) owned and operated by IngeniousPlex, Inc.

We may change this Cookie and Other Similar Technologies Policy at any time. Please review the “Last Updated” document to see when this Cookie and Other Similar Technologies Policy was last revised. Any changes in this Cookie and Other Similar Technologies Policy will become effective when we make the revised Cookie and Other Similar Technologies Policy available on or through the IngeniousPlex website, unless otherwise specified.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are a standard feature of websites that allow us to store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to our publisher clients’ websites that use the Platform. You can choose whether to accept cookies by changing the settings on your browser. In relation to the use of cookies by our partners and clients, note that we do not have access or control over these cookies.

What cookies do we use?

IngeniousPlex advertising technology collects and uses data to help make online advertising more relevant and for ad delivery and reporting purposes. By delivering more relevant advertisements, IngeniousPlex plays an important role in keeping the Internet free, dynamic and vibrant. That’s because advertisers will pay more when their ads are tailored to an audience’s interests and publishers of websites and apps get more money when their audiences receive tailored advertisements instead of generic ones. That helps publishers continue to provide great content at a great price—often free.

IngeniousPlex site only collects data to enhance and personally tailor our website to meet your needs.

IngeniousPlex ID & ID Sync

IngeniousPlex associates the non-PII that it collects about a browser or device with a randomly generated pseudonymous identifier known as an IngeniousPlex ID, which itself is non-PII. IngeniousPlex uses ID Syncing (described below) to associate IngeniousPlex IDs with identifiers and data from Business Partners and other industry participants in an effort to display relevant advertisements on a wider range of websites, apps and content. As part of this process, IngeniousPlex may populate an IngeniousPlex cookie with a new or existing IngeniousPlex ID.

ID Syncing (also known as cookie syncing or cookie matching) is a common and useful industry practice that enables advertisers to use data to coordinate an advertising campaign across multiple publishing platforms and advertising service providers.

Cross-App and Cross-Device Advertising, Ad Delivery and Reporting

IngeniousPlex may collect and use the information and the data segments using cookie ID & Device ID for cross-app advertising, i.e., advertising across browsers and apps on a single device, as well as cross-device advertising, i.e., advertising across multiple devices. IngeniousPlex also collects and uses cross-app and cross-device information for ad delivery and reporting purposes. As described elsewhere in these privacy guidelines, IngeniousPlex does not collect PII via its advertising technology, including across apps and devices.

IngeniousPlex uses certain techniques to enable its advertising technology to serve meaningful advertising content on behalf of its customers and Business Partners across apps and devices, including cookie and ID Syncing and similar practices.

How to reject cookies

If you do not wish for us to install cookies on your device for the purposes described above, you may change the settings on your browser to block or limit cookies. For more information, please see

As noted above, cookie management tools provided by your browser will not remove Flash cookies.

Please note that if you block or limit cookies, you may not be able to use all of the features of the Website.

Opt Out

Plesae visit to Opt Out of IngeniousPlex Interest based advertising.

This IngeniousPlex Opt Out page is intended to help you opt out of the use of cookies and mobile advertising identifiers for interest-based advertising.