How Programmatic Ads Can Revolutionize Health Sector


Healthcare marketing is on the rise, and this change has been catalyzed by the onset of COVID19 pandemic. Some of the many industries that witnessed this change rightly includes healthcare and pharma topping the list. The pandemic has brought about significant change in the way people behave, avail services, even work, for that matter. With social restrictions in place, people are doing almost everything virtually – be it working, attending meetings, or even consulting with doctors. The world is kind of moving online and the healthcare sector is no exception.

This brings us to talk about how the healthcare sector can make its presence count in front of their potential clients with the help of programmatic advertising. For this to understand, we must first briefly see what programmatic advertising is and does. Simply put, programmatic advertising is using the software to get your ads published on various sites and apps, ofcourse, in an automated fashion. Besides this, programmatic advertising offers various ad formats and targeting options among the other remarkable features that makes it one of the widely acceptable forms of advertising.

In this article, we are going to explore how programmatic advertising can help the healthcare sector grow. But before we dive in, we must understand that programmatic advertising is not the substitute for all other types of advertising, but something that compliments other advertising types and helps turn prospects into paying customers.

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1. It helps you get more exposure

One of the most celebrated features of programmatic advertising is that it boosts visibility by many folds. This makes it easy for healthcare marketers to reach their ideal audience quickly and easily which in turn maximizes the chances of conversions. And with the high-end programmatic platform like IngeniousPlex, it becomes easier by 10x. As we’ve integrated various premium inventories with us, advertisers get quality exposure across the superior and most trusted sites and apps.

2. It helps you connect with your ideal audience

With over 25 targeting options, programmatic advertising allows you to reach the right audience at the right time and place. Healthcare marketers can go about choosing from the desired demographics, interests, location, device ID, etc of their ideal audience and be rest assured to meet a sea of prospects meeting the set requirements. Your ideal audience can be present at any sites other than Facebook or Instagram for you to reach them and communicate your offerings without being irrelevant.

3. You can track and optimize performance in the real-time

Programmatic advertising lets advertisers take complete control over their campaigns and have full access to the reports and analytics, all of which in the real time. This enables them to optimize the campaigns as and when required. By doing so, advertisers can save their ad spends and utilize it where it’s most needed and something that can churn better results. In any digital strategy, optimization is a key to succeed in the long run and programmatic advertising enables this feature.

4. Advertise in a brand-safe environment

As we talk about online advertisements, a major concern that arises, most often than not, is fraudulent activities and unsafe environment. However, programmatic advertising provides an environment that is fraud-free and brand-safe for advertisers to be assured of their image and positioning. With features like white-listing and black-listing available in programmatic advertising, advertisers can actually block the websites and apps where they do not wish to display their ads and vice versa.

5. Access to a multitude of ad formats and solutions

Programmatic advertising offers various ad formats to choose from. This involves display ads, native ads, OTT/CTV ads, video ads, push and pop ads, etc. Advertisers can try an array of advertising formats as well as advertising solutions to fit the specific requirements of each of the campaigns. Coupled with unique benefits that each ad format offers, we at IngeniousPlex also provide complete back-end support with regards to making the creatives and even setting up the campaigns.

6. Retargeting capabilities

Retargeting is the ability to re-engage with the potential clients who interacted with your ad but did not take any action. With retargeting, advertisers can entice audiences to take the desired action by reminding them of their services. This ensures that you’re only reaching the prospects who are highly relevant and interested in the services that you are offering. Retargeting also assures that your ad spend is only being utilized to attract the highly relevant group of audiences.

Final Words:
Besides what we discussed above, programmatic advertising is a powerful medium that provides access to many other features. This includes frequency capping, audience capturing, premium apps and site list, etc. All this has made this fast-growing technology truly robust and widely accepted among many of the well-known brands and digital agencies. However, it is important to note that programmatic advertising cannot be a substitute to all the other forms of advertising, but a complimentary channel that can supercharge your advertising efforts and boost conversion rates.

If you’re a healthcare marketer and wish to explore more about how you can help your clients with programmatic advertising, write to us at mktg[at], or book a free live demo here.

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