Programmatic Advertising For Real Estate Business


Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying and selling ad inventories online across various premium sites and apps. Unlike traditional marketing which involves human interactions and negotiations to carry out the whole advertising process, it uses software to implement various complex algorithms and carry out the process seamlessly. Owing to the automation, programmatic advertising is sure to have a deep impact on both – the buying behavior as well the selling mechanism across various industries. However, in this blog post, we will explore more opportunities for the real estate sector.

As more and more people are spending most of their time online, it’s no wonder that digital advertising is on the rise. And with such technologies being introduced, various opportunities for buyers as well as sellers are exponentially rising. With real estate as a niche, it is becoming of increased importance to invest in programmatic advertising due to the array of benefits it has to offer. It makes use of display ads to target the potential buyers and that too the most relevant ones. Besides this, in the crowd of so many advertisements, programmatic has evolved to be the one with relevant ads to relevant people, preventing ad fatigue to a great extent.

Now, let’s dive deeper into how programmatic ads can be beneficial for the real estate business.

Why Programmatic Advertising For Real Estate?


1. Better Brand Visibility

Programmatic ads have become an ideal advertising tactic to boost brand visibility in front of a wider audience. Imagine a scenario wherein you’ve advertised on all the social media platforms but it’s not necessary that all your potential prospects will be on social platforms. They may be active on other blogging sites and apps relevant to them. Programmatic advertising lets you target those audiences and gain visibility in front of them.

Let’s suppose that A is browsing online and looking for properties similar to your offering to relocate. He may not look for such things on social media platforms, but some real estate site with quality content or some app related to his needs. With programmatic ads, you can advertise on premium sites and even apps related to your niche. You can also have a list hand-picked by you and have your ads placed on the chosen sites and apps.

2. Niche Targeting Options

Programmatic advertising gives access to so many niche targeting options leveraging which realtors can reach the prospects most relevant to their offerings. For example, you may have properties ready for possession in X region, but if you’re advertising openly, then you are most certainly losing out on your ROI plus the campaign won’t be of any use, because those who are viewing your ad are most likely not relevant to your offering.

With programmatic advertising, you can literally choose who can view your ads. The prospect would be from which country, state, city, or even the postal code. You can choose the demographics, age, gender, etc. Besides this, you can also choose from various operating devices, versions, web or app, etc. All in all, this helps you save a lot on your spends plus it helps you find the right audience who’s most likely to buy your services

3. Brand-safe & Fraud-free Environment

With so much overcrowding on most of the websites and apps, there are chances for your ads to be viewed by the bots. With programmatic advertising, however, you can be rest assured of your ads being viewed by a genuine audience and so you get the transparent reports and performance updates on your dashboard. Other than this brand safety is one of the major concerns of contemporary marketers.

Programmatic advertising answers such concerns by providing the brands with a brand-safe environment. Your ads are always at a risk of being placed alongside undesirable content which may be linked to violence, adultery, etc. This is because the whole process by which the auctions happen and bids are placed is automated. However, programmatic advertising offers you to blacklist and whitelist the list you want to block or allow your ads to be placed at.

4. Retargeting Advertisements

Programmatic advertising is best known for its retargeting ads. With retargeting ads, brands get the chance to re-engage with their users – existing or new and keep them updated about their latest offerings and more. If done properly, retargeting ads can be proven to be a boon for the brands in turning prospects into clients. To launch a proper retargeting campaign and to understand more about it, you may refer to this article dedicated to retargeting.

It won’t be incorrect to say that programmatic is redefining digital advertising and brands and agencies are actively embracing this novel technology. As for the real estate sector, digital advertising is certainly working wonders, and programmatic is going to be the best for the real estate sector. If you’re interested in including programmatic media buying in your advertising plan, we can help you explore more. You may write to us at

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