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Mobile Advertising

People are now spending almost a quarter of their time on their mobile phones. With around 70% of internet traffic coming from mobile phones, keeping your marketing strategies mobile-first is crucial now, more than ever.

Why Mobile Advertising?

Precise Targeting

Launch sharply targeted campaigns with various targeting options available at your disposal.


We deliver compatible ads across any type of mobile device and multiple OS.

Ad Environment

We deliver advertisements in any kind of environment – mobile web or in-app.

Multiple Ad Formats

We offer multiple ad formats like mobile banners, interstitial, mobile banners, or rich media – letting you choose the ones that fit your requirements.
With a multitude of targeting options available, customization preferences, and ad formats, mobile advertising yields higher returns because of its reach, personalized approach, and easy communication. Harness the power of programmatic mobile advertising and boost your client’s reach!

Types Of Targeting In Mobile

Location-based Targeting

Connection Type Targeting
(WiFi / Mobile Data)

Carrier-based Targeting

OS & OS Version Based Targeting

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