Why Should Digital Agencies Adopt Programmatic Advertising?


With the ever-changing digital advertising landscape, it is becoming of increased importance for marketers to engage their omnipresent prospects in creative and compelling ways. And that too, keeping the budget in mind. Isn’t there a lot going on here? With traditional means of advertising, keeping the prospects engaged is certainly a thing of the past. In today’s age of technology, if you want to keep your connection intact with your prospects, you’ll need to reach out to them wherever they spend their time at. And in contemporary times, it’s the internet.

However, when it comes to the internet, although, there are countless benefits associated with reaching your prospects digitally, there is always a concern about brand safety and fraudulent activities. With millions of people on the internet, you wouldn’t know if your message is being reached to the right user or the intermediary bots. To address this growing concern of marketers, programmatic advertising was introduced. Marketers around the globe started embracing this novel technology so much so that the global programmatic advertising market is estimated to grow by 20 billion USD by the end of 2021.(1)

What is Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying and selling ad inventories on the internet, in real-time. Unlike the traditional means of advertising which requires proposals, quotations, and human interventions, programmatic buying uses the technology and algorithms to buy ad space online. Programmatic advertising offers a variety of targeting options, brand-safe environment, cost-effective solutions, etc.

Programmatic advertising allows an advertiser to reach the right prospect at the right place and time. This makes it one of the must-have advertising technologies for digital agencies. It’s important to note that programmatic advertising is different from search and social. It helps marketers to advertise on various content publishing sites like news portals, web magazines, etc that propel higher user engagement and retention.

Reasons Agencies Should Adopt Programmatic Advertising

Advertise in a brand safe environment & keep away from bots

Programmatic platform offers various options to ensure you’re advertising in a brand-safe environment. White-listing & black-listing allows you to block the sites you do not wish your ads to be displayed on and white-listing is to allow the web pages to show your ads. Other than that, at IngeniousPlex, we ensure a 2-step brand-safety process, one at the publisher level wherein they scrutinize the web pages for unwanted content, and at second level, we undertake a thorough check on the same.

Not only this, the majority of your traffic gets lost to invalid and fraudulent traffic like bots. This also results in the waste of the budget spent on advertising. To help with this, the programmatic platform offers a built-in mechanism which keeps bot traffic at bay and helps you to make the most of your ad budget.

Serve relevant and contextual ads

The reason why ad blockers got famous is because people are being bombarded with ads that they don’t wish to see, or are irrelevant to them, and hence of little to no interest. Many negative and unwanted experiences like ignoring the privacy of the consumers, showing ads of the products they’ve already purchased, expired offers, etc have made people use the ad blockers extensively.

Programmatic platform allows detailed targeting which enables targeting the right person at the right time and place. This allows the ads to run smoothly without being blocked since programmatic advertising makes use of customer loyalty data to target. Serving the ads to the right people also boosts the chances of conversion since the ads are of relevance to them.

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Better campaign performance

Programmatic platform gives access to real-time performance analytics which helps agencies enhance the same by optimizing it. It widens the audience reach and helps agencies to understand which markets to target and the inventories that will be helpful for their respective clients. With the help of the data, programmatic advertising is more likely to display your ads to the audience who’re most likely to show interest or engage with the ad.

The capability of programmatic advertising to provide real-time analysis of the campaign sets it apart from the traditional means of advertising. Thus, programmatic advertising is led by data which helps enhance the overall campaign performance and thereby secure better ROI for their clients.

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Targeting options and enhanced capabilities

You can put the heaps of data that you’ve been gathering so far to use with programmatic advertising. Multitude of targeting options available to launch niche targeted campaigns makes them even precise and specific increasing relevance. Unlike traditional means of advertising, the robust features available with programmatic advertising are unparalleled.

Other than this, owing to being empowered by automation, programmatic advertising is free from most of the human errors, as compared to traditional advertising. This also saves time for advertisers who would negotiate with publishers in the traditional advertising scenario. Now, that time can be utilized in planning the campaign, making creatives, etc.

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Compliments other ways of advertising

Programmatic advertising can very well compliment other ways of advertising like search and social too. With programmatic advertising, you can reach your ideal prospects on the web pages they spend most of their time at, or keep visiting. This increases the brand retention and thus brand awareness is boosted. Besides this, with programmatic advertising, you get access to extensive reports that let you analyze the performance well.

When you try to acquire a prospect via various platforms, the cost-per-acquisition comes down, which helps you make the best use of your ad spends. Upon running successful ad campaigns on various advertising channels, the brand recall for your client surges which goes a long way in boosting conversions.

Final Words

Although a programmatic platform does not provide a replacement for any other means of advertising, it certainly adds more value to the whole online advertising process. Coupled with its white-labeling capabilities, our programmatic platform, IngeniousPlex, offers an added benefit to agencies by helping them build a consistent revenue stream for their business.

It’s about time that agencies should start adopting programmatic advertising as it provides uncountable benefits, not only for them, but also for their clients. An array of targeting options, brand-safe environment, access to in-depth reports, real-time analysis and all the reasons listed above makes programmatic one of the robust and must-have technologies for digital agencies to adopt.

If you’re looking for a similar, and would like a platform demo to explore the same, write to us at mktg@staging.ingeniousplex.com.

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